Countdown to Christmas!

STAY ON TRACK with your weight loss goals! Here’s how to lose 1 lb per week, while not missing out on great tasting holiday food!

Susan’s Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Healthy Thanksgiving Day Meal Planning – The average American consumes 3000-3800 calories just on the day of Thanksgiving. But, if you Control what goes in your mouth and you can still enjoy the food!

Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Tips and Preparation

Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner This is an awesome time of years as Thanksgiving approaches. Thanksgiving is a celebration on the 4th of November but the planning, shopping and cooking begins well before that day for sure! When you think about it, the main focus of the day is what?… FOOD! (And plenty of it!) Being that…

Weight Loss Tips for Halloween!

As a Nutritional coach, I can say that there are clients of mine that describe this as a “scary” time of the year because of the lack of environmental control. But, there are ways to still maintain healthy eating!

Protein Supplements and Weight Loss

When you go to my link on my website, it is really easy to order any of these products and try them out for yourself! If you are wanting to lose weight and change your lifestyle for good, give me a call!

BMI Calculator

For U.S., Select Imperial: BMI Chart for Women BMI Chart for Men BMI Chart for Children

Weight Loss and Environment

Making sure you have the RIGHT FOODS in your environment is the key to gaining control over healthy eating. I strive with each client to help them understand that turning around unhealthy habits can actually happen in a very short period of time with the right guidance!

Healthy Fall Recipes

Over the years I have actually taken weight loss patients to the market and taught class inside the market! Fall is a great time of year for this!

Case Study: Toscano Family Update #5

Going into a holiday weekend is always a challenge but we had a solid plan as far as Labor Day weekend! Whenever you have a particular event, such as a holiday cookout or celebration, it is important to have a plan for the entire day.

Low-Fat Labor Day Recipe Ideas

The average American can consume 3000+ calories at a typical Labor Day cookout which is WAY too much for a healthy waistline. Several days BEFORE the weekend it is a great idea to control calories coming in. How do you do that?

Weight Loss Goals After Summer

Kids are back to school, vacations are winding down and a lot of people are getting back into their normal routines. “How to I shed some of the weight I gained over the summer?” Here are some great tips to “Jumpstart” you and get you back on track for your renewed diet goals.

The Problem with Starvation Diets

Your body needs essential nutrients in order to function properly. Without these, you are literally destroying yourself slowly. If your body is deprived of the right foods, it will destroy muscle proteins and use muscle tissue for food.

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