Breakfast and Lunch Nutrition


Susan’s Healthy Way helps you design your Weightstyle for the optimal level of energy for your day.

This positive method maximizes the nutritional value of food starting with Breakfast and Lunch.

Susan’s Healthy Way can design your Weightstyle strategy to keep your energy flowing smoothly all day. An effective breakfast and lunch works with your personal energy cycle.
The timing of food metabolism is interesting.

Think of food as energy. This is how the energy flows:

  • Juice lasts 15 minutes
  • Carbs last 2 hours: Carbs include fruits and vegetables of all types
  • Protein lasts 4 hours
  • Fats last 6 hours

Susan’s Healthy Way will help you design your Weightstyle breakfast and lunch in detail.

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This article will focus on using seasonal foods in omelets, shakes and salads. The quickest breakfast is premade or a shake. Luncheon salads build your energy for the afternoon through intense nutrition and hydration. Meals should create a win/win scenario for taste and energy.

Efficiency, portion control, seasonal nutrition and flavors can be created by using muffin tins to bake several omelets at one time. A well designed omelet and some fruit can create a breakfast that will boost your energy.

A shake can include a protein, vegetables, and fruit. Yogurt or silken tofu provide a good base protein. Vegetables can range from dark greens to squashes such as pumpkin. Fruit can range from berries to apples, oranges or pineapple, etc.

There are a few interesting points to note:

Some fruits help to counterbalance or hide the taste of vegetables. For instance, pineapple with some orange juice helps to counterbalance the taste of kale. Apples and celery work nicely together. Pumpkin can also work nicely with orange juice and pumpkin pie spices.

Susan’s Healthy Way will help you design that perfect shake for you to enjoy while keeping your New Year’s Resolutions on track.


Salads are a base of 3 cups of dark greens, a cup of colorful vegetables, a protein such as meat, cheese or eggs, and often fruit for a punch of flavor. You can buy precut and mixed salad materials or prepare your own. Choose your favorite colorful vegetables, especially those in season. Meat, cheese, and boiled eggs can be precooked or in some cases from a deli or prepackaged. There are, however, certain salads that have a base formula to go by.

  • Chef’s salad: Base of 3 cups dark greens, 1 cup colorful vegetables
  • Spinach Salad: Base of 3 cups spinach, Red onions, Fruit such as clementine’s or strawberries

One tip for salads is to chop ingredients into small pieces to increase the flavor of each bite. Let your imagination soar in exploring the flavors. Salads can be stored beautifully in mason jars.

Your Weightstyle design can include meals that take care of you, by building, strengthening and refreshing your energy cycle. Susan’s Healthy Way combines the perspective of both chef and nutritionist to maximize your energy in an enjoyable way!

Your Weightstyle is your Energy Style!


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