BMI Chart Children

BMI Chart:  Children

Body mass Index is actually a weight of a person in kilograms that is divided by the square of height measured in meters. For teens and children, BMI is usually sex and age specific. The BMI is actually set for age.

For those children out there, an excess amount of body fats usually leads to obese-related diseases and significant health issues. Even when they fall underweight, they can just be at risk for certain health issues that may harm them and may leave their parents worried.

In addition, a higher BMI may significantly mean of higher body fatness. This does not actually measure the body fats in a direct way. However, based on the research, it was shown that BMI is actually correlated with the direct measure of body fats like bioelectrical impedance, thickness measurements, DXA and many other methods.

BMI is still the best way to measure the fats found inside the body. This is also believed to be the easiest and most expensive way of screening in terms of weight categories that lead to serious health issues.

BMI Chart Children

How the BMI Chart Children is Calculated?

In calculating BMI for teens and children, using the so-called BMI percentile calculator is essential including some of the following procedures:

  1. There is a need to first measure the weight and height.
  2. Make use of the so-called Teen and Child BMI Calculator. This number is also often calculated by referring to the standard formulas.

BMI Chart KidsHow the BMI Percentile is Interpreted?

When BMI has already been calculated for teens and children, it can now be expressed in a form of percentile sourced out from the percentile calculator and graph. As per these percentiles, these further expressed the BMI of a child relative to other children living in the United States. They were those children who participated in the so-called national surveys conducted from the years of 1963 to 1965. Since height and weight change throughout the development and growth process, it is somehow related to body fatness. As per the BMI of a child, it must be interpreted considering other children of the same age and sex.

BMI Chart Children - The Usual Indicator to Measure the Growth and Size Patterns

The BMI Chart Children is actually the usual indicator to use to measure the growth and size patterns of children. The corresponding percentiles and weight and age categories were exactly based on the recommendations of expert committee. These are best presented in the table that follows:

               Weight Status Category                           Percentile Range
                   Obese   Greater or is Equal than the so-called 95th percentile
                  Overweight  85th to even less than the 95th percentile
                  Healthy or Normal WeightFifth percentile to just less than 85th percentile
                  UnderweightLess than the actual 5th percentile


This is an example on how the BMI numbers can be interpreted involving a boy aging ten years old.

  • A boy, aging ten years old, having a body mass index of 18 exactly falls at the healthy weight category ( fifth percentile to less than eighty-fifth percentile)
  • A boy, aging ten years old, having a body mass index of 13 exactly falls in the underweight category ( less than fifth percentile)
  • A boy, aging ten years old, having a body mass index of 21 exactly falls in the overweight category (eighty-fifth to less than ninety-fifth percentile)
  • A boy, aging ten years old, having a body mass index of 23 exactly falls in the obese category (ninety-fifth percentile or even greater)

BMI Chart for Boys

  • For boys aging two and twenty years old, follow this formula:
  • Weight (in Kilograms) ÷ Stature (centimeters) *10,000
  • Weight (in pound) ÷ Stature (inches) * 703

BMI Chart for Girls

  • For girls aging two to twenty years old, follow this formula:
  • Weight (In kilograms)÷ Stature (in Centimeters)÷ 10,000
  • Weight (In pounds) ÷ Stature (In Inches)* 703

BMI Chart ChildrenHow the BMI Chart is used with Teens and Children?

For teens and children, BMI can be an effective diagnostic tool to use in screening for health and weight-related issues. If ever a child has a higher BMI for his sex or age, including excess fats as a big issue, a health care expert can perform further evaluations. And thus, he or she can further recommend the necessary things that need to be done. The assessments often include physical activity, health screenings, family history, skinfold thickness measurements and more. Even the association for Pediatrics suggests using BMI chart in screening for obesity and overweight in children. These children are those that are aging two years and above.

The Importance of Referring to BMI Chart Children

When you already consider the BMI chart children, this can now be an effective guide for you to know more about the health consequences of obesity throughout the childhood years. The following are some of the health risks that you need to be aware of:

  • Muskuloskeletal discomfort and joint problems
  • Gall stones, gastro-esophageal reflux and fatty liver disease
  • Breathing issues like asthma and sleep apnea
  • High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
  • Low Quality of life and Lowe Self-Esteem
  • Impaired emotional, physical and social functioning
  • Obese Children Likely to Become Obese Adults and Develop Serious and Complicated Health Conditions such as Diabetes, Cancers and Heart Disease

Since you always make it a point to refer to a chart graph, you can tell your children to eat only healthy foods and avoid other food issues. There is also a need to avoid those foods that do not bring healthy benefits.

If you also make use of a food and exercise diary, allow your child to help you manage the best diet and food options for him or her. Let your child participate in creating a good recipe and in discovering more about the benefits of foods.

If you are worried if your child that may end up unhealthy, it is a lot better learning more about the BMI Chart children and then call me to help you help them eat healthier!

BMI Chart Children

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