New Year’s Resolutions 2017 – Take Control of Your Weight

2017 Resolutions - A Time for Change

This time of the year is really motivating. Let's face it, we got through the holidays and now we want to take control for the upcoming year!

Many times, people make New Year's resolutions - which is a wonderful thing.

Starting off a new year is a great way to reflect on the past year and make goals to improve for the future. The best way to achieve goals where resolutions are concerned is to have a sincere plan.

  1.  Identify goals. This is important because these goals need to be specific as it can be different for every person.
  2. Come up with ideas for your first steps to begin. We can do this together.

During the front of the year, I typically receive many New Year's resolutions phone calls.  I create a plan for the first steps to take, and your first step is to call me and let me get to know you and your goals.

Once you call, together we will come up with an innovative realistic plan to get your weight under control!

The first question I will ask you is WHY you want to lose the weight.  It's important for us to look back and see where some of the pitfalls were last year.  We all have great intentions, but executing those may have fallen short last year.

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There was a message I recently receive from one of my clients that I think is inspiring, not only to her but for each person who needs some positive motivation to get started.


Additionally, I am so excited to be launching my new membership on this website.  This secured and private area allows current clients and others to interact with me and each other through Live chat, Live Skype meetings, download my free books, access recipes, cooking videos and much more.

Experience a totally different aspect of Susan's Healthy Way.


Getting started while your motivation is high is the key.

Imagine how much weight you can lose by the end of this month.  Once you begin to see the results your momentum will be high and we can continue to plan for the next three months.

[clickToTweet tweet="Make 2017 the year you make changes in your weight. #eathealthy #weightloss" quote="Make 2017 the year you make changes in your weight."]

And, I'm excited to help you see how this can be the Final time you have to begin any type of weight loss program.  Instead, this is the year you can make a total lifestyle change.

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This first call for ANYONE can be intimidating due to guilt, fear of judgment etc.  But, rest easy,  when you pick up the phone, I assure you a private, personal call back.  In this call, we can get to know each other and design an individual daily plan to get you to your weight loss goals.

Together, we will work on a weekly basis to achieve these goals taking baby steps, celebrating the small victories and re-assessing the next set of goals, continuing the motivation all along the way.

free consultation

No matter where you live, I can work with you via phone, Skype, Texts or in-person each week.

And, together we will be able to see the results this year, once and for all.


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