Resolution Revolution


What is Resolution Revolution?

Resolution Revolution looks closely at the journey to your desired Results.

Why do resolutions fail?

Susan’s way is to emphasize what is the right approach to weight loss while understanding how to avoid the wrong approaches along the journey. This article is based on over a decade of practical experience.


We look at four key ideas offering solutions that shift resolutions from failure to success:

  1. Resolution Reflection to Resolution Reality
  2. Resolution Intimidation to Resolution Inspiration
  3. Resolution Resistance to Resolution Response
  4. Resolution Revolution the Weightstyle Way

I believe resolutions start in the heart.  We reflect on what we desire.  As we form new ideas and goals, excitement builds as to the possible results.

Soon, Resolution Reality sets in.  Emotions and life events become difficult to navigate and still reach our goals.  Reflection turns to frustration which takes on its own emotional path.  Understanding and shifting the emotional tone sets the foundation for a Weightstyle Resolution Revolution.

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All of the logic in the world will not stop this fear.  I believe that replacing the emotion of fear with the emotion of inspiration is the best way to approach this experience. Here’s an example:

If you are afraid of cooking, surround yourself with inspirational programs or quotes about cooking.

"I walked out of the kitchen years ago, deciding I did not have a cooking gene in my DNA.  I don’t have a strong sense of taste or smell and cooking was frustrating and exhausting. Truth is, I burned one too many meals!  With a sense of humor, all of the good cooks around me took over! However, with Susan’s inspiration and encouragement, I now enjoy cooking with new recipes and flavors, new cooking techniques, etc.

  • Edith W.

Inspiration is all around us.  Look for it and live in it.  Ways to develop inspiration are to look at Susan’s website, find inspirational quotes, start your own list of ideas you love….trust me, this is one that will grow with Susan’s program.  Inspiration can create a fun, interesting and delightful experience. Inspiration is the driver of the Weightstyle Resolution Revolution!

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Resolution Resistance is a reaction to the everyday, practical events involved in weight loss.  Every new project has a learning curve.  Some steps seem easy….others are almost impossible to envision…..yet moving forward every day, at your speed, is the key to changing Resolution Resistance to Resolution Response.  This is the engine of the Weightstyle Resolution Revolution.

Weightstyle is your journey starting with a reflection, moving to inspiration, and growing in your daily responses, all the while transforming into your personalized Resolution Revolution!

Susan’s way is to look at what is wrong with a picture and fix it with skill, compassion and a sense of humor. Her desire is to help build, inspire and guide your responses to help you reach your goals……..that is, to help you find your own Resolution Revolution and develop your own Weightstyle.

Your Weightstyle Is Your Personalized Resolution Revolution!


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