How to Setup a Nutritious Pantry – Keys to Weight Loss Success


Your Incredible Weightstyle Kitchen

Susan’s Healthy Way steps out of the pyramid, a general guideline only, into intense nutrition.  Sight and smell are the two most powerful triggers to start your eating.

So, think about: What is your why….Why do you buy food?  What are you trying to accomplish….

  • What is your why?
  • Why do you buy food?  What are you trying to accomplish….
  • What are you trying to accomplish?

Make your area, creative and clean like an artistic palette

Turn your kitchen into a joyful artistic space so that your mind and your creativity can flourish.

weight loss tips kitchen

One of the most important things: Clear off your counters…they are workspaces… there must be no clutter or confusion. Otherwise, you throw your hands up, and give up. Once counters are clear, your artistic palette is then clean to start.  Now, your mind and your space are ready for you to create.

Organizational hints:  Know where your tools are. Bag all fruits that need to be refrigerated, use sticky notes and keep your pantry organized…. spices away from the stove, etc.

You are creating something amazing, so why wouldn’t you want that to be organized so you know what you are doing?  Eliminate the frustration so you can get excited!  You will see it all in front of you. Then you’ll get excited about what you are doing! Your Weightstyle Kitchen is beginning to develop!!!!!!

Controlling Sight and Smell:

Use fruit bowl, clean space as a management tool.

Keep a fruit bowl, only, on your counter….


This is essential because it goes to sight and smell! Counters without clutter highlight the loveliness and scent of the fruit, awakening the senses.  In reverse, cluttered counters, cloud the mind. A weekly grocery list now becomes a tool to resupply for variety and interest.

By playing up the artistry of the fruit, you capture the magic of food with refreshing taste, sight, and smell. Good food builds good memories.  Your Weightstyle is starting to sparkle.

Managing Choices:

Do not allow distractions:  Establish that these are the choices in our home, because this is how we live, period.


Sight and Smell

According to a study by Mayo Clinic in the 1990’s, the senses that trigger overeating are sight and smell.  Susan’s Healthy Way takes this concept one step further by replacing triggers with more effective foods.

Opening the refrigerator is important…….what you see is what you eat! Sight and smell is sitting right there! The key tool to managing your refrigerator environment is Mason Jars.  This is huge because they allow you to easily see and smell available food, reduce clutter and manage portion control.

So, again, think about: What is your why….Why do you buy food?  What are you trying to accomplish…. Personalized, effective, weekly food management puts you in the driver’s seat and in control! These tools and more will introduce you to an exciting and intriguing way of thinking about food, health, and shopping. Intelligent Weightstyle Kitchen design and management is the hallmark of Susan’s Healthy Way. Your Weightstyle Excellence is key!

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Your Weightstyle is Your Incredible Weightstyle Kitchen Design!

Prioritizing nutrition is often mixed in with budgeting, as well as marketing designed to tug at your deepest emotions.   Creating a plan for the entire week with a grocery list helps you think through the process.  Your point of view for shopping changes: instead of price, you see nutritional value.  Your buying intuition builds and you are more aware of the foods available to use. Your Weightstyle will adjust nutrition to your physical and emotional needs.

So when the kids want snacks…they see an ever changing, delicious bowl of fruit.

Fruit becomes the focus and impulse food to go to.

Kids will be enticed to choose fruit for a snack.


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