You motivate me and make me feel like anything is possible!

Weight loss success

I wanted to be healthy and not have any more reasons to be mean to myself!



I have always been overweight and have had fluctuations in my weight (losing weight the unhealthy ways) and I wanted to earn it this time!

Working with you has been a great experience.

You motivate me and make me feel like anything is possible!

You motivate me and you make me feel like anything is possible!

You’re very sweet and I NEVER feel like I’m going to get in “trouble” if I don’t reach my goal (which only happens about once a month, LOL). I am so very grateful for this experience.

Anna T.

— After 30 years of health problems, I’m losing weight!

Weight Loss testimonial

“When I met Susan, little did I know of her personal strength, let alone talent! Taking my complicated health issues to her, she simply said, “We are going to fix this, girlfriend!” She meant it! We are fixing it! A nutritional artist, she works with the subtle effects of food. Once a week, she creatively adjusts types and amounts of food, exercise, and recipes. We work together to design weight control and exercise routines.

Closely working with my doctor, she has stabilized my intensely hypoglycemic metabolism and minimized migraines.

After 30 years of health problems, I no longer feel the constant underlying exhaustion or experience intense episodic illness. Currently, I am losing weight in a healthy way, at a healthy rate. Susan’s unique insight and compassionate guidance has been a true blessing!”

Edith W.


– – – – Susan helped me lose 120 lbs!


“YES!  Susan helped me lose 120 pounds!

After being a type 2 diabetic for twelve years, my doctor deemed me a “recovered diabetic”.

My A1C was in the five range and I was taken off all diabetic and blood pressure meds!

Susan is the most genuine, compassionate, and caring person anyone could ask for to guide them on the path to health and fitness. She is extremely knowledgeable and savvy and can lead any willing individual to weight loss success!”

Susan's Healthy Way

Jamie B.

– – – Susan Way has been an


“Susan Way has been an integral part of my children’s education with respect to leading a healthy lifestyle.
Like most single parents I’m pressed for time and bombarded with fast food choices and cartoon character led sugar filled snacks. My children often struggle with making healthy choices, especially when confronted with other adults offering them

sweets as ‘rewards’ and claiming that I should not worry because my kids will ‘grow out of it’.

Susan has helped us establish boundaries while at the same time helped me better educate my children with regard to the choices that they make.

My son has recently cut out nearly all soda pop in favor of water or other healthier choices thanks in part to information that Susan provided demonstrating the toxic effects of long-term exposure to the high amounts of sugar and other ingredients found in these beverages. Susan has also made living a healthier lifestyle more fun for my children.

Healthy Weight Loss - PensacolaWhen at the grocery store we routinely play the color game. One of my children will choose a color at random and then, as a family, we set out to find items of that color in the store from which we can create both a healthy and tasty meal.

Last, but not least, Susan has been a source of encouragement for my own physical training that has resulted in outstanding strength gains while significantly lowering my body fat percentage. For the 5 years that I’ve known Susan, I can clearly say that I am in the best shape of my life thanks in no small part to her assistance and persistence in wanting to see me achieve the best results I can.”

Ken S.
Attorney, Kansas City, KS

—– I lost 85% of my weight while I live 400 miles away.


” Susan can transform ya!

Well, in all honesty, she can help YOU transform YOURSELF, one pound at a time.

She made me realize that anything was possible. When I began my journey she was there every step of the way! If you are worried because you don’t live close by, well worry no more because

I lost 85% of my weight while I live 400 miles away.

Stick to the program…,

…..listen, and she will NOT let you fail!
Healthy Weight Loss - Pensacola Florida

Jasmine B.
Music Teacher

_____I first met Susan Way


I first met Susan Way approximately 4 years ago ….

At that time, I had no idea what weight management was all about…. Susan asked numerous questions,…. my response at the time was to get healthy and lose weight.

I was skeptical about the process, however, ….. I listened to her and did everything she instructed me to do…. she kept me motivated to the point where I had lost a total of 54 pounds!

Susan’s way is the right way!

Trust her in your quest to lose weight and get healthy. She is an honest person who cares about the health of you and your children, she is driven to fight obesity….

Go the distance with Susan Way!

Suzzanne M.
U.S. Navy



“I am seriously a new man after working to eat better and as Susan said, “get off the couch!”.

I think the most important aspect of my whole process over a year and a half was learning the ways

I could live healthier without giving up everything I loved.

I lost 34.5 pounds and have kept it off for almost 8 years!

Susan has a “Way” about her…HA!… that is truly motivating even as she “scared me” at first!

She will, very soon into the process, let you know through experience and compassion that she

doesn’t play around but will genuinely care and concentrate on what you need to help you succeed.

I am grateful and have been for years, as is my family.”

Ed G
Foley, AL

– – – Susan is the REAL DEAL.


” Susan is the REAL DEAL. She truly is compassionate and obviously has the

experience and ability to help anyone manage their weight. She goes the extra mile

and understands weight management issues. Susan’s Healthy Way is the true path to

PERMANENT weight loss and maintenance.

She will educate you, feel your pain and make you reach your goal!

Don’t miss this opportunity.


Call her RIGHT NOW!

_____I have had struggles with


“I have had struggles with weight for years and I am finally feeling like

I can make real progress that will stick.

My whole family is getting on board and that is HUGE.

THANKS, Susan!”

Candace M.
Lawrence, KS
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