Top 20 Benefits of Embracing a Strictly Vegetarian Diet Plan


The Vegetarian Diet Plan

This is an article that I found and  although I am not a vegetarian or vegan, I am always open to the  personal views of others. If you have an interest in a  vegetarian or vegan diet, this article could give you some insight into the views from someone who believes in this way of life. - Susan

 Top 20 Benefits of Embracing a Strictly Vegetarian Diet Plan

“Many people do not seem to understand the full benefits choosing a purely vegetarian diet plan. While it can be quite challenging to come up with purely vegan foods because of the many additives that are hard to avoid during the meticulous preparation processes required, the truth is that there are many options in the current market. Unlike the widespread myth that vegans have a small choice of foods, the truth is that they have an exhaustless coterie of recipes at their disposal. As such, this article explores the merits of the vegetarian dieting lifestyle. Continue reading to discover the top 12 benefits of a vegetarian diet plan.

  1. More Compassionate Way of Life

Killing animals for food is outright cruel. For instance, milk belongs to the calves. It is inhumane to starve them simply because you would want to quench your appetite for food. As such, choosing vegan diets gives thousands of famished calves the millions of gallons the world so greedily denies them. Knowing that your food choice is in line with the voiceless animal interests revives your spirit. Acting compassionate gratifies the person who does it more than the one to whom that kindness is showed. You spare the lives of the silent animals that would have lost their lives or forfeited their mothers’ milk by going for plant-based eating habits.

  1. Good for the Planet

Vegetarian Diet PlanningVeganism is an eating lifestyle that benefits the whole world’s ecosystem. It conserves water – one of the scarcest resources in the universe. In a similar vein, going vegan is a dieting option that helps preserve topsoil and fossil fuels. With more water resources, industries and farms will flourish more and the world will be a better place to live in. Adequate topsoil will facilitate more profitable farming, and food security will be bolstered. Fossil fuels, if preserved, will provide the already over-polluted world with green energy and save the ozone. Simply put, plant-based foods are not only the best option for individuals who look forward to a better planet but also visionary people who are ready to contribute toward creating that better world.

  1. Increased Health

Studies have shown that going vegan is a healthier way eating lifestyle. Vegans not only take in more vital nutrients but also depict less vulnerability to lifestyle health problems. For instance, there are very few cases of chronic diseases among people who choose vegan dieting habits. Choose vegan foods and live a healthier life while ensuring that meek animals partake of their full share of happiness for being alive as well. Opting for vegan way of eating is a both healthy and satisfying choice for both you and the animals whose life you so self-sacrificially spare. Why would you hurt yourself and contravene the natural interests of silent animals, while you have healthier alternatives? Boost your personal well-being and give cornered animals a chance to live an extra day by going vegan. This eating habit boosts your general well-being while uplifting that of millions of besieged and defenseless animals out there.

  1. More Delicious Foods

Plant-based foods are more delicious than animal foods. Whereas you know so many people who don’t take animal foods, it is hard for you to remember a single one who doesn’t any common plant-derived foods. Further, plant life is varied, plain yummy, and generally healthier. The fact that you can enjoy more delicious and healthier food options while minding the well-being of innocent animals is an inspiring lifestyle. Vegan food flavors vary markedly depending on the plant-based ingredients used to prepare them. You should sample different types of purely vegetarian diets in order to find your favorite tastes.

  1. You’re in Great Company

Due to the cruelty of embracing an eating lifestyle that involves consumption of animal products, many celebrated personages have popularly gone vegan. Therefore, choosing exclusively plant-based food options puts you in great company that includes high-ranking global icons. Some of the great names in the vegan club include former US president Bill Clinton, Ellen Generes, among other notable dignitaries. Leave the shrinking cocoon of the diminishing individuals who aren’t concerned about animal welfare, and join the daily doubling legion of compassionate souls who mind the interests of lowly defenseless animals as well.

  1. Vegetarian Diets’ Popularity is Steadily Growing

According  to global consumer surveys, increasingly higher numbers of people are embracing a vegan lifestyle. The 2013 global consumer survey by Values Institute at DGWB shows that the vegan way of eating is one of the steadily growing worldwide. As such, eating vegan diets puts you in the prestigious group that is wildly increasing by the day. Being in the league of many other rightfully inspired people gives you a very satisfying sense of self-worth. While being in a club of many members is not as important as the noble ideals championed by the group of individuals in question, the vegetarian diet plan puts you in an environmentally sensitive alliance of people who care about the fate of innocent animals.

  1. You Stick by Your Personal Convictions

There are some people who have the feeling that following their conscience and quitting animal-based foods is the best way to go yet they lack the strength to embrace their ideas. Given this situation, it is good to go vegan as these people give you a rare opportunity to practically embrace what you believe in. Don’t eat whatever is available – eat what is in line with your individual conscience.

  1. It’s a Worthy Challenge

As said in the first paragraph, choosing vegan dietary options is not an easy venture. It however can be done by following the recipe direction provided by expert cooks in this domain. This endeavor gives you a chance to re-learn how to cook, which is an altogether worthwhile experience in itself. At the same time, preparing vegan foods helps discover the best way to feed your body. People who experiment with new cuisines have been found to stand better chances of eating healthy.

  1. Vitamins

Vegetarian Meal PlanningMany plants contain a host of vital vitamins that are not found in most animal products. As such, choosing to eat vegan foods offers you an awesome chance to enjoy these vital vitamins that you’d have missed. Since there are many types of vegan dieting choices out there, you’re advised to look at the plant ingredients they contain so that you can settle for the most nutritious options. Select vegan recipes that have the highest vitamin counts. As you continue taking plant-only recipes, you will soon realize that your immune system has improved immensely due to the greater vitamin count in your vegetarian menus. One of the most reliable indications that your body has adequate vitamins is reduced cases of illnesses.

  1. Useful Minerals

Finally, some of the rare useful minerals found plants aren’t found in animal products. As a result picking vegan recipes you consume these hard-to-find minerals without much hassle. Plants such as raspberry contain a number of essential nutrients that dairy product chocolates do not have. With this said, it is more prudent to go for vegan menus over those that contain meat or dairy products.

  1. Healthier Skin

Authoritative findings by some of the leading health publications reveal the fact that vegetarian diets have a lot of benefits to your skin. For instance, consuming animal products such as meat and milk may lead to a grease-clogged skin. As a result, many people who consume huge amounts of meat or dairy products usually have heavily pimpled skins.

  1. Weight Loss

Since plant products do not have a lot of unhealthy fats, going vegan makes it easier to tame your soaring weight. Vegetables and fruits, for example, are a great option for individuals battling obesity. As such, reducing weight as you spare animal life at the same time is a rich and immensely inspiring way of life. In fact, most people are unable to control weight simply because they are unable to reign in on their ruthless penchant for meat and other perceivably delicious animal products as milk.

  1. You Keep Bad Odor at Bay

Taking animal products contributes to bad body odor. Therefore, people who go vegan soon discover that their hitherto foul-smelling sweat has becomes less pungent. Subsequently, choosing a purely vegetarian diet is a great way to control your naturally smelly sweat. This is practically true because you cannot compare the repugnance of rooting meat to that of a decaying fruit.

  1. Decreased Risk of Heart Disease

Moreover, consuming animal foods increases your blood cholesterol levels. As a result of cholesterol build-up, health complications such high blood pressure set in. In the other hand, plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables help reduce the accumulation of fats around blood vessels – effectively reducing the potentiality of hazards such as hypertension. With thousands of top health studies singling out cardiovascular as the leading world killer, embracing a vegetarian diet plan is a surefire way to longevity and general wellbeing.

  1. Increased Energy

vegetarian food for dietsAnimal products are much more difficult to digest and thus consume more energy levels as they get digested. This results in greater body stamina in the long run. This is evidently practical because people who go vegan register increased energy bouts within a few days. With increased levels of body energy, you will be able to boost up your daily productivity in different circles and thus better your economic status generally.

  1. Greater Sex Drive

Since eating plant foods helps your body detoxify, both hormones and other useful chemicals can spread to the nether regions with remarkable ease. Again, your blood circulation to all the essential body parts is greatly enhanced. Besides keeping common health complications such as cancer at bay, this phenomenon also improves your sex drive – leading to a more satisfying sexual experience. With more than 40% of men and women past 40 years reportedly battling diminished sex drive, choosing a vegetarian diet plan is a sure way to turn around your flagging libido and virility.

  1. Reduced Medical Bills

Since several plant foods are rich in minerals and vitamins – two nutrients that help the body fight off infections – your chances of being taken ill reduce markedly. Lowered risk of sicknesses means reduced medical expenses. The money that would have been channeled to medical treatments can then be redirected to more economically beneficial causes. Since nearly every single household globally spends at least 5% of the family income on medical interventions, the levels of global poverty would be brought to unprecedented lows if everyone embraced a vegetarian diet plan.

  1. Lower Risk of Cancer

Credible medical publications show that there is little-known hormone in the human body called IGF-1 which is very essential during childhood but which can trigger cancerous growths in adulthood. Further, these findings show that this hormone is greatly increased by consuming meat. As such, going vegan significantly lowers your odds of coming down with malignant growths.

  1. Preventing/Reversing Diabetes

Similarly leading medics all concur that avoiding animal-based foods can lower an individual’s susceptibility to diabetes. In a similar vein, numerous health scientists from all the world have found that embracing raw vegan diets can remarkably reverse diabetes and many of its most manifest symptoms. Therefore switching to a vegetarian diet plan can significantly prevent or alleviate diabetes and the accompanying symptoms. Given that diabetes is among the leading killers worldwide, going vegan would bolster life expectancy throughout the globe. There are very few diabetic individuals in the vegan club.

  1. Less Time in the Kitchen

Compared to animal diets such as meat, vegan foods are markedly easier to prepare. For example, making a fruit smoothie is a simple process even for a novice. As a result, embarking on a vegan way of life will see you spend less time in the kitchen. The extra time that could have been spent in the kitchen may therefore, be more gainfully employed in doing more profitable ventures that improve the overall quality of your life. Again, more time spent on activities that enhance human lives instead of being wasted in the kitchen translates into improved global economy and per capita well-being. As such, embracing a vegetarian diet plan is not only good for you as an individual but also incalculably beneficial to the larger world.”



There is no doubt that eating more fruits and vegetables has great benefits,  and I urge you to speak with your doctor as well as gather as much information possible when changing your current situation for a healthier lifestyle! I hope you enjoyed the article and learned about Vegetarian Lifestyles!  

If you are looking for a vegetarian diet plan that works- Call Me!  I can help!

the vegetarian diet plan


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