WeightStyle: Your Circle of Consistency


Your Weightstyle over time is powerful and includes consistency on your terms.   Susan’s Healthy Way feels the idea of consistency as a circle of events is worth considering:

Motivation Flows into Consistency

Consistency Flows into Momentum

Momentum Flows into Motivation

Motivation Flows into Consistency

and the Circle of Consistency builds STRENGTH OVER TIME

What is the engine that drives the circle?  Susan’s Healthy Way has defined the engine as the four A’s of Weightstyle design as follows:

  • Aspiration
  • Accountability
  • Action
  • Accomplishment


  • Aspire
  • Account
  • Act
  • Accomplish

Your aspiration, your method of accountability, your action at your speed, your supportive ideas to accomplish your dream.

Aspiration is your vision or dream of what you desire to obtain, your Weightstyle, your goal.

Accountability is your method of acknowledging and protecting your dream.

Action is the physical steps you take daily to realize your dream.

Accomplishment includes any ideas or actions that support your dream and allow you to complete your accomplishment.

Allow yourself to explore each of these ideas with your style and goals. Address each of these and you will always have a path. Always go back to this formula….figure and refigure on a weekly basis if necessary.

Think through each of these ideas…what are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles.  How do you turn your weaknesses into strengths, your obstacles into opportunities?  Or, how do you use your strengths to overcome your obstacles? Susan’s Healthy Way will help you discover these answers.

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This road of discovery will change weekly as we carefully design your Weightstyle. The journey is an enjoyable one if taken with the timing of a journey.  It does not happen overnight.  Susan’s Healthy Way helps you understand the timing and the rhythm of long term lifestyle, Weightstyle, design.

Successfully working with the four A’s of Weightstyle design is the engine that drives consistency.  The four A's keep you motivated as you explore the possibilities.  There are new possibilities every week that can be exciting to pursue.

Building your unique circle of consistency begins as you explore new ideas and possibilities each week.  Thoughts become actions. Then, consistency in actions builds into momentum…isn’t this an interesting idea?  But, it is true…because each new success is exciting and leads to more paths to success.  Each success builds a little more motivation.  Motivation flows into consistency all over again. The trick is to never allow the circle of consistency to slow down.  Going back to the four A’s of Aspiration, Accountability, Action, and Accomplishment will strengthen the whole process.

Sometimes, a small adjustment to a situation can make all the difference in success.  Also, a string of small ideas or adjustments can make an overwhelming situation manageable. Every ounce of energy applied to thinking through these four key ideas will pay off.  For ultimately, you will find the right aspiration, with the right accountability, the right action, and the right support for accomplishment….all at the same time…..and you will comfortably find total success with your Weightstyle design for you.  Your Circle of Consistency will be strong and complete.

Your Weightstyle is your Circle of Consistency


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