What is Susan’s Healthy Way?


Susan Way - Healthy Weight LossSusan’s Healthy Way is an individually designed and proven weight control system developed by Susan Way over a 20 year span, blending her formal education with two decades of proven practical experience. Developed and refined over time, this system is intensely oriented toward YOUR concerns.

Weight-Style is weight management incorporated into your unique life style.

Susan’s Healthy Way will start with a Weight-Style foundation of learning to know who you are, so a detailed, customized weight control style can be individually designed for you. Your Weight-Style Journey will begin with the joy of eating to live; based on the foods you love.

Continuing forward, dynamic meetings will highlight Weight-Style Savvy Techniques uniquely designed for your Weight-Style Journey.  Then, taking your experience to a higher level, Susan’s Healthy Way will help you personally design a supportive kitchen and experience cooking from a chef’s point of view.

  • Consult with you and your physician.
  • Design your unique program.
  • Customize a comfortable support system that works for you.
  • Transform from eating to lose to eating to live, and do it your way, your style, at your convenience.
  • Focus on the foods you love and create your Weight-Style journey.

Weight-StyleFive years ago, there was a client that came to me with every excuse in the world.

Although her desire was there, she was in what I call failure syndrome.

She told me her story in tears.  At that point, I looked at her and said:

“Make a choice !  You cry or you change.”

She chose change.

That’s how a Weight-Style Savvy Journey begins!

- Susan

  • Establish where you are and help you picture your Weight-Style destination.
  • Discover Weight-Style Savvy techniques individualized to your social life, such as: family gatherings, parties, dining at restaurants, and other situations or events as life happens.
  • Experience interactive and motivating weekly classes via conference and Skype.
  • Define Weight-Style Savvy Signals which will help you see and feel your journey’s progress.
  • Design a kitchen that supports your Weight-Style Savvy life style.
  • Experience different types of hands-on healthy cooking styles including chef’s tips and tools of the trade.

 Susans Healthy Way

Susan’s Healthy Way skillfully designs your individual Weight-Style Journey with compassion and genuine interest in your concerns.  Susan’s Healthy Way is Weight-Style, Your Style!

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